About Wolf Creek Elk Ranch

Wolf Creek Elk Ranch is situated where the prairie, lakes and woodlands meet. To reduce stress, grazing land does not exceed two animals per acre. All animals are monitored by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health and are registered with the North American Elk Breeders Association. Routine health checks and inventory programs keep the animals in optimal health. Wolf Creek Elk Ranch is CWD certified and Tuberculosis free.

Wolf Creek Elk Ranch works closely with a licensed veterinarian and a certified nutritionist to ensure proper health and nutrition. Only the best genetics are carefully selected for the healthiest, most promising stock. The ranch traces and reports all pedigrees throughout multiple generations.

Antlers are removed once a year from healthy bulls in a low stress process under the direction of the herd veterinarian. The antler is processed before any calcification begins to ensure premium nutrient quality. An advanced herbal extraction process is used to keep those nutrients in their most potent state. Wolf Creek Elk Ranch markets green and freeze dried antler as an ingredient product. In addition, Wapiti Labs, Inc. exclusively produces premium supplements for humans and for pets through a proprietary extraction process using our Minnesota elk velvet antler and Chinese herbs.

At Wolf Creek, animals are raised primarily for the use of velvet antler. From time to time, elk for meat and hard antlers are available. Trophy bulls have been made available to Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota.